Simple Tricks To Organize Your Home!

Simple Tricks To Organize Your Home!


Looking to get your home a little more organized? Here are some great tips we found at!

  • There’s nothing more frustrating in the kitchen than trying to organize tupperware. Keeping track of the lids is a nightmare! Use a metal CD rack to keep them upright and easily seen. Store the larger lids towards the back and smaller ones in the front to keep them all in plain view.
  • Use stackable wine racks from Pier 1 and cheap plastic cups to store all of your office and craft essentials! Take advantage of vertical space and stack as many as you need to keep your office and craft supplies handy.
  • Use a paper towel holder to keep your spools of ribbon organized and easy to get to. I like this idea because you can keep it out on a craft desk or closet shelf where you’re more likely to see it and use it.
  • Instead of stacking your heavy plates on top of each other, consider investing in a few dinner plate cradles to keep them upright and easy to pull out of the cupboard. These are also nice for drying plates next to the sink.
  • Hats and scarves! The two awkward things in the closet that are hard to find a space for. Make your own organizing rack with a single sturdy hanger and shower curtain rings. Chances are you’ve already got a hanger on hand, and the rings only cost $2-3.
  • Tuck your matching sheet sets inside one of its own pillow cases to keep your linen closet organized!
  • Use a magnetic strip on the inside of a medicine cabinet door or in a drawer to keep your bobby pins, hair clips, nail file, tweezers, and other metal objects in one organized spot.
  • Use a plastic tackle box to store batteries! The individual compartments are perfect for separating your batteries by their type and size.
  • Place ice cube trays inside of a drawer to store and organize small items like jewelry, crafts supplies, and other little things that are easy to get mixed up or lost.

More tips can be found here! 

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